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Being a stay at home mum can be exhausting and extremely hard at times. There will be days when you feel like you’re not doing a good enough job, that there are only so many craft activities that you can come up with for entertainment and that your ‘to do’ list just seems endless.

1. Join baby groups.

Do you have mama friends? Seriously, get some!

They will be your rock, they will never tire of hearing about the colour of your babies poop, they will understand exactly what you mean if you say you’re tired, and they will seriously not judge you if you have baby sick in your hair.

Baby groups are such a great excuse to get out of the house. There are only so many times you can go to the shop for milk, just so that you can have an adult conversation. 

Some groups can get a tad clicky, but it’s worth trying out a few to find the right one for you. Not only will baby groups help you to extend your circle of friends, but your child will learn their own social skills too. It’s also so nice to be able to rant to someone who understands about teething and sleepless nights.

2. Schedule some you time.

I spent the first three months of maternity leave thinking that because I was at home, I shouldn’t get time to myself.

But being a stay at home mum is very full on, and giving attention to your little ones full time, as well as managing a household, can be exhausting. 

It is so important to get some time out for yourself. Even if it’s a simple solo trip out to a shop, it can make the world of difference to your mind frame, and you’ll come back feeling so refreshed. 

3. Set ground rules with your partner.

Especially if they’re working full time. Maybe you’ve agreed to do all of the washing and the housework as well as raising your little ones. But sometimes managing the house can be a lot of work. It’s good to set rules with your partner early on about who does what, so neither of you feel like you’re doing more than the other or end up arguing about it in the long run.

4. Ask for help and advice if you need it.

Too many of us try to be super mums. I’m the worst for trying to do everything myself. But you don’t want to be worn out when you have an energetic baby to look after.

Sometimes it’s better to offload a little bit onto someone else, or to ask for help when we’re struggling. Whether it’s asking your parents to take your little one for an hour so you can do the food shop alone (taking a tantruming toddler around a supermarket is so not fun), or asking someone for their advice on how to stop your toddler from waking at night.

I’ve spent many days struggling to cope when all I needed to do was ask. The worst that someone could say is no!

5. Enjoy it.

The days may feel long but the years are short. It’s quite frightening when you realise a whole year has just flown by and you didn’t even notice. They reach each milestone so quickly and they grow so fast.

One morning you’re looking at your little baby and the next you’re looking at a walking, talking toddler who has such a personality, then in the blink of an eye they’re starting school. Cherish every moment. 


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