A few easy way to dress a stylish little girl

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Since the moment that my ultrasound tech said “It’s a girl”, I’d been so giddy to finally be able to dress up a baby girl.  You know, it’s like your dreams of dressing up dolls and Barbies when you were younger, but this is a real life doll!  I’ll have to admit, I did have fun dressing up my son (who is now a toddler) like a little man, with bow ties, button downs, suspenders, etc., but the options are just so much more vast with a baby girl!

Dressing up a baby girl can be as easy as throwing on a onesie, but with the multiple outfit changes they require a day, you need some options.  And so here goes, my 4 ways to dress a stylish baby girl.


 These things are 1 piece so you don’t have to do a lot of thinking. You can layer them over a onesie or wear them alone.  Have her wear knee high socks or not.  All the heart eyes go to those chubby baby legs.


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If rompers aren’t your thing, then swap it out for a dress!  You can wear a dress with bare legs, a diaper cover, bloomers, knee highs, leggings… the options are endless for bottoms.  She will look like a little lady in no time!

dress for baby girl



And lastly, my favorite way ever to dress my baby girl is with a onesie, leggings or leg warmers, skirt and cardigan (the headband and shoes are a given).  This is a little bit more complicated because you need to make sure the colors and patterns still go together, but this is great for all different types of weather.  If it is cold out, this outfit will be warm for her.  If it is hot out, take off the cardigan and/or the leggings. 

There you have it!  Easy enough, right?  Also, headbands are a must for ensuring that your baby girl is not confused for a baby boy.  And shoes are optional, because baby feet are pretty scrumptious.

What's your favorite outfit ? 


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